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Matt Tinkler AKA Martiln
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One-on-One Lessons and Courses

Need some help with your music-making journey? You've come to the right place!

Over the years I've helped heaps of producers and music-makers become better at their craft. To see how I can help you and to book a free no-obligation consultation, click the button below! 👇

Worldbuilding Through Music

As well as being a music educator, I also make and release a whole heap of music that feeds into a bigger creative project called REALMS.

You can find my music on all the usual Internet places, or you can simply take a listen to everything I've released by clicking the button below! 👇

Mixing, Mastering, Production + Sound Design

Need a track mixed or mastered? Got an idea for a song that you need help bringing to life? Or maybe you need some sound design or music for a project? Well, whatever it is, I can probably help!

Check out the different services I offer and ways I can help you by clicking the button below. 👇

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About Martiln

Music Maker | Sound Creator | Educator

Hi, I'm Matt! 👋


I'm an electronic music maker, audio engineer, sound creator, educator and Ableton Certified Trainer from Australia. 

I make music and put out fun educational videos on YouTube under the moniker of Martiln (the name came from my first ever Dungeons & Dragons character!).


As a music maker, I like to make a whole wide range of stuff, never really tied down to a single genre but almost always involving crazy bass and trance-y elements like big sawtooth synths. My music all forms one part of a larger creative project called REALMS, which you can check out at


As an educator, my goal is to help people bridge the gap between techniques, tools, technology and the creative process, making learning fun and engaging along the way.

Thanks for stopping by! 



Check out my most recent YouTube videos!

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Martiln's Shaper MIDI

An edited version of Ableton Live 11's Shaper MIDI device that adds automation for min and max values as well as removes the undo step for triggering the shaper.

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Support What I Do

I spend a lot of time and put a lot of effort into making music, videos and other educational content that you can check out for free with only an Internet connection.  

If you love what I do and want to support me, then I've got a space where you can do just that by buying me a coffee, purchasing some things through my shop or becoming a member to support me on a monthly basis and receive some cool things. Every little bit helps me keep doing what I do!

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