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Worldbuilding Through Music

Over the years I've released a lot of music, covering a whole wide range of genres and styles. At some point in 2018, I decided that I wanted some more consistency around the music I released, or at least a way to tie together the variety of music that I put out into the world. Ultimately, this culminated in a large creative project called REALMS, which combines my love of worldbuilding and storytelling with the music that I make. The REALMS website is the best way to experience all that my music has to offer, but hey if you just want to chuck on your headphones and listen to my music on your favourite streaming service, you'll find links for that below too!

My Music

Check out one of the links below to listen to, buy or download my music from your favourite service!


Stream for free on Audius



Buy and Download on Bandcamp


Listen on Spotify

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